Nowadays, C.R. Costruzioni reflects the evolution of an entrepreneurial dream.

It is the accomplishment of a hardworking and self-confident young man who started from nothing and managed to built up a company based on strong values, innovation and transversality.

He started its own business in 1981 with Raffaele Cesaro Electric Plants Company mainly based on residential building construction.

In 1987 he turned the company into the INST.EL.SUD, a corporation centred on the construction of electric and electronic plants for the public service and state-owned companies (State Railways, Real Estate of the Army, hospital facilities, metropolitan transport companies, SEPS,…)

In 2000 the company consolidated its position and converted into the actual C.R. Costruzioni Srl.

Within a short while, C.R. Costruzioni managed to accomplish great achievements.

  • It is one of the 626 italian companies recognized as assets in the installation of electric plants.
  • It ranks 165th among the most profitable companies in the business.
  • It occupies a pivotal position among the 101 rock-solid companies, financially.

Furthermore, despite the great achievements, the company has not stopped growing.
Starting from the installation of electric and mechanic plants the company has moved forward towards the building and maintenance services until reaching, over the last years, the ability to offer services in the Energy efficiency as an Energy Service Company (ESCo).

Currently, C.R. Costruzioni has managed to occupy a strong position within the business as one of the most reliable companies for all type of works related to construction, implants, maintenance and energy requalification.

We have built up specialized teams of professionals to expand our range of services so you can count on us without recurring to any other partners: from the project design to the final implementation rely on C.R Costruzioni.

Uffici Amministrativi e tecnici: via Casacelle n. 118/A15 – 80014 Giugliano in  Campania (NA) Cod.Fisc./P.Iva: 03826701215
Tel. 081/5061058 – Fax 081/19737.061 E-mail info@crcostruzioni.net

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