Our values
What differentiates our company from other competitors
What motivates us to deliver better results
What pools the team members to constantly contribute to the expansion of this powerful
entrepreneurial reality.

Our values are our starting point
They led us to reach great achievements and continue to guide us towards bigger goals.

one team
one goal

C.R. Costruzioni is a family business
We believe in the team work as the key to success, because only through a strong co-operation we can obtain great results.

Our main objective is to proactively create a culture where all members of the staff canexperience a sense of belonging, as we believe this is the secret to be successful.

This is the reason why in C.R. Costruzioni you will always find:

  • willingness to dialogue
  • personal and professional support
  • inclination to accept new ideas and initiatives
  • team cohesion and common objectives
  • concern and participation in the team work
  • responsibility for maintaining agreements

C.R Costruzioni is a family business which aims to re-create a home from home environment in which everybody can feel comfortable even during difficult times and motivated enough to look towards a common goal.

respect and

Respect, responsibility and coherence towards the clients are the main values that differentiate
C.R. Costruzioni.

This is why we aim to accomplish with and within the company:

  • a strong communication
  • a strong sense of responsibility
  • a specific orientation for collecting information
  • the ambition of bringing added value to our clients

Each member at the C.R. Costruzioni contributes with a greater involvement and puts his/her own skills at the service of the company to achieve common targets.

Each of us is responsible towards other colleagues, and what allows us to reach high levels of efficiency and effectiveness – as well as to respect the agreements, is the idea of valuing each individual as a member of a community.

first of all

Customers come first.
Our ultimate goal is to make our clients happy and satisfied.
We aim to offer high quality and short delivery times either for products and services.

Hence, within the perspective of constant improvements, we invest our time, money and energy into:

  • specialized and professional trainings
  • efficiency and effectiveness related to all processes
  • accurate selections of suppliers

This allows us to maintain high company standards and guarantee our clients high levels of satisfaction.

Uffici Amministrativi e tecnici: via Casacelle n. 118/A15 – 80014 Giugliano in  Campania (NA) Cod.Fisc./P.Iva: 03826701215
Tel. 081/5061058 – Fax 081/19737.061 E-mail

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